1TrueMarket respect your privacy!

Collection of data

1TrueMarket only collect data when you voluntarily provided. 

You provided the information through:

-    Subscription

-    Inquiries through message and emails

Information such as:

-    Your name

-    Phone number

-    Address

-    Email address

1TrueMarket automatically collect data about your browser, device and your footprint within 1TrueMarket Site.

When you browse into 1TrueMarket Site, cookies placed to:

-    View sites

-    Unique device identifier

-    Referring web page

-    Pages you visited

-    Purchase

-    Search terms

-    And others relating to your behaviour within the Site

Third Parties may automatically collect data about you.

Companies such as Facebook, Google, Wix etc. may automatically collect data about you through:

-    Cookies

-    Pixels

-    Tags

-    And other technologies 

The use of the collected data

1TrueMarket collect data to assist administration and operation to:

-    Optimise the experience within the websites

-    Notify you in changes

-    Provide you additional information regarding services

-    Develop, improve and target marketing messages and campaign. 

Legal Basis for Processing personal data 

By voluntarily giving your information to 1TrueMarket, you agreed to consent 1TrueMarket to use the information for the purpose set within this privacy policy.

Third-Party websites

1TrueMarket do not control the privacy policy of third-party sites, our affiliates, service providers and business partner. If any, please review their privacy policy for your understanding. 

Opting out and withdraw your consent of data use. 

Please contact 1TrueMarket for your request.



Please read carefully

-    1TrueMarket Core service is Copywriting, Facebook Ad Placement/ creation and audit Facebook page and websites. 

-    1TrueMarket duty to carry primary and secondary research is necessary to shape Facebook ad copy, posts and assist in website and Facebook page development. 

-    All meetings must be scheduled and agreed to both parties. 

-    Facebook Ad campaigns and posts are designed to achieve its long-term objective. 

-    The objective is expected to be set early on into the service base on the business’s wants and needs. 

- The firm agreed for 1TrueMarket to Copywrite Facebook Ad campaign and Posts on a weekly basis. 

- Companies must request for changes in the ad/ post copy.

- The company are not allowed to make changes to the ad/ post copy without 1TrueMarket Knowledge.  


-    The price charged on service, which excludes the marketing (Facebook Ad) budget.

-    The price charged is on work to be performed, not by hours to ensure work completion. 

-    There is no refund on service once it is charged. 

-    Businesses are liable to their marketing (Facebook) budget. 

-    1TrueMarket will assist businesses in setting weekly/ fortnight/ monthly marketing budget.

Business’s expectation

-    Business stakeholders are expected to assist and collaborate within the primary and secondary research to enhance the quality of the service.

-    Meetings will be required on scheduled bases to set objective, develop the roadmap and built strategies, discuss content and customer’s information. 

Account Closure

-    Exclude free trial. Businesses are expected to hand in 2 weeks’ notice for any account closure. 

-    Business’s Information will be stored with 1TrueMarket after account closure for future continues. Information will be stored away from public access and will not be share. Information will be stored in the customer’s account history folder. 

Access and Data Handling

-    All business’s data will be stored securely and away from public access. 

-    All business’s data will not be shared or passed to other companies. 

- Companies are expected to authorise 1TrueMarket access as administration level to their website, Facebook page and ad manager for the service. 

-    Businesses are expected to share customer’s data to 1TrueMarket in the purpose of the campaign and posts.

- Company is expected to assist 1TrueMarket in Facebook ad campaign and Post by providing materials (Information, pictures) as part of the collaboration. 

-    1TrueMarket are not required to share and discuss other business’s data without the approved request. 

- Businesses are not entitled to the information finding carried and obtain by 1TrueMarket.