3 Type of Brand Awareness Campaign

Top of mind awareness

Frame of Mind Awareness

Friend of mind awareness

Only 3% of the market is ready to buy. The 3% of the market will buy from the company they most familiar with. An awareness campaign is the first marketing milestone in putting the business on the map. Base on Youtility, written by Jay Baer, discover the three awareness techniques you can employ for your business.

Top of mind awareness

The top of mind awareness is the tradition awareness campaign most marketer often employs. By merely running reach campaign to maximise the brand’s/ business’s exposure.

It’s the awareness for now. Although it will help to reach more people with little effort, if NOT done correctly, in return, it will damage your brand’s equity. Consider your audience in creating your content, its very important.

TV ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are amongst the popular mediums to run the awareness campaign. Use this awareness campaign as a building blog to put your business on the map. DON'T rely on this technique alone unless you have a bottomless bank account.

Frame of Mind Awareness

Also known as inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a term create by HubSpot Co-Founder Brian Halligan to describe the company’s marketing activity that helps customers at the beginning of their buyer’s journey. Most part of inbound marketing is about creating content (such as videos on YouTube and Blogs on Website) to help customers in solving their problems.

It is a powerful tool in building trust where the customer will view you as the expert after consuming your content. In the same time, your customer will SELF- QUALIFY themselves in buying your product. According to Buyer’s Personas written by Adel Revella, Customers will go through 60% of their buyers’ journey before reaching out to the company’s salesperson- Of course, there is a margin of error, depending on market and industry, but this, cannot overlook.

Friend of mind awareness

Companies often use social media to showcase and sell their products. To the audience (who subscribe, like and follow their page), unless the content is something of entertaining or valuable, they will disregard the page’s credibility and unfollowed the page. Business needs to treat its audience as a friend to acquire new brand followers and preserve the existing ones.

People often have the “What’s in it for me” attitude- If your existents are not bringing in value, then you have no use, THEN your relationship will diminish. A business person who has the same attitude will not win their customer’s trust, instead will repel its potential customers. I experience this firsthand with small business owners. If only the business stakeholders are going out of their way in helping others (other people, your customers, your business networks), you'll build a strong relationship with your customers and encourage repeat purchase.

This type of awareness campaign requires a strong need for helping others- bringing and contributing values. It’ll take longer than the frame of mind awareness (Inbound Marketing) to see the results, but by having the personal touch into play, you’ll create a stronger sense of trust and bond in the relationship. This type of awareness also requires commitment from the business to continue helping others. Its the awareness for the future.


Each one of the awareness techniques has its strength and weaknesses. I don’t recommend the business to opt for one or two but to employ all three. It would be best for you to analyse your business and industry in deciding the level of effort and resources in employing this awareness campaign. Make sure to have the right balance between instant results while securing yourself for the future.

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