Customer Touchpoints - A Foundation For Your Marketing Strategy

What is it? Why is it matter? And what's the use of it in your marketing strategy?

So… what is it?

A customer touchpoint is how your business/ brand comes into contact with your customer. Whether it is through referrals, internet, product, services, news, blogs, affiliates, all of these considered to be your consumer touchpoints.

Why is it matter to your business?

Every contact point carries a message. The idea is to control the message that works in your favour. In a marketing campaign, consistency is the key to its success. You want your message to be consistent in every touch-points and work into the mind of your customers.

What the use of it in your marketing strategy?

Understanding your customer touchpoints will help you decide your marketing tactics. Whether to improve, optimise or eliminate your existing tactics, you need to monitor every touchpoint to maintain or make an improvement. Each touchpoint needs reinforcement and support from one another. Everything will not go to plan if you misidentify, misjudge or importance of a particular touchpoint.


In today market, regardless of the industry, your customer will search up everything before committing. Your online presence within the search engine must be fully optimised to make your business is visible. Not doing so, you're not establishing any storefront where customer can find you conveniently, and that will turn your customers to look elsewhere for their solutions. This applies to every business, regardless of B2C or B2B.

While going into the digital space has its advantages, you CANNOT FULLY rely on it for your business. WHY? The digital market provides convenient but lacks a personal touch. As a human being, we still need face to face interaction and physical communicational materials, e.g. flyers, business cards, brochure and many more.

The problem in the digital space is that its nature is high-speed. The flow of information is so fast and saturated with noise that your marketing message will or might be just another one. You want to maximise your marketing effort by creating multiple touchpoints. Increase your business touchpoints WILL increase the likelihood of your business being heard and recognised.



It would be best if you used customer touchpoint ALONGSIDE Sales/Marketing Funnel as the foundation in deciding your marketing tactics. It's also useful to understand the 3% Rule as is fundamentally correlated to the Sales/Marketing Funnel. For new businesses, you'll better off to turn to your competitors or related industry for an understanding of the model that most relevant to your business.


Every business has its very own unique consumer touchpoint, and you must create a map that identifies each point your customer comes into contact with. Let's not forget that it plays an essential role in shaping your business reputation, authority in your industry and your brand equity.


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