Market to the emotions: The Key To The Unconscious Mind

We all wanted to perceived as reasonable or logical behind our actions. The matter this, this is not the case; we all are emotional beings who act irrationally and can sometimes make some foolish decision. The book never split the difference (Chris Voss) stated that emotions steer our logics, Guerrilla marketing remix (Jay Conrad Levinson) stated that emotion is our subconscious thinking which comprises of 95% compared to 5% of our consciousness.

Business motto such as "Customer is always right will seems so relevant once we look deeper into its meaning. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the road. Even worse, the more they argue, the more they will believe their side of the story, even when they know they're wrong. What do you feel like when you're on the wrong side of the argument? Or what do you feel like when you're on the right side of the argument? Plus, the more you're trying to prove the customer wrong, the least likely they going to admit it! because you're damaging their ego! The more fragile the ego, the more sensitive they are for wanting to be right.

Emotions also blind you from any logic. The Gut feeling is FEELINGS, you can't explain it, but it seems critical in your decisions. The explanation behind gut feeling is that your subconscious mind identifies the situation similar to the previous that carry emotional consequence. It does it without our knowledge. It is also devoid of any conscious logical explanation behind your action which may lead to consistency issues. Sometimes, this subconsciousness can be manipulated to make your communication more effective. It's not recommended to use it for wrongful and unethical purpose because it will backfire!

Enough with the chitchat, let's dive into some of the tools that business use to help target the customers right into their emotions.



Storytelling is one of the tools to get your customers to engage. A story involves a Hero, a Problem, a Guide, a Plan, and a happy ending (resolution). You can use storytelling in reviews, about section, plan, and one-liner!

Example: Apple (The guide) offers its consumer (the hero) a device (Plan) to unlock (Problem) their uniqueness and creativity (Resolution).


A Brand needs time to build. The role of a brand is to build identity and create associations that represent your products. The emotions a brand gives might be Coolness (trendy), Happy/ Satisfaction, Sad/ Dark or Mysterious, Respects (Luxuries) and more! Example: common association of Louise Vuitton is Classic, sophisticated and Romantic.

Endorsement, sponsorship and product placement

Endorsement, sponsorship and product placement are all vehicles for products to carry itself inside the emotional connection with its audience. These vehicles often already established with an identity that people recalls and recognise. The vehicle will help to reinforce and share the identities while also influence the audience in their purchasing decision.


Endorsement: Give or sent a product to celebrity or influencer to try out. Once they like it, they will tell their audience. It's a theory of amplifying your brand by targeting opinion leaders.

Sponsorship: Pay influencers to consume your product and help advertise your product/ brand. (very similar to endorsement)

Product Placement: Placing a product in an entertainment product, events and media.

Business Card

The business card too can carry emotions and themes that communicate to your audience and customers. Sensory such as touch, feel and see are important in giving specific emotions. The feeling of coolness and pleasantness will add a professional feel that helps your business to perceive better under the light. Pay attention to the material used, the colour and quality of the construction of the card.

Social Media Card

Do you want to perceive as a business that willing to keep up with the world? The feeling of coolness such as Apple and other tech companies. Social Media Cards will soon replace the business card due to its environmentally friendly and ease of use. In just a tap to your phone, you'll be able to save the contact and view their social media. A company such as Blue provides a card and an app to modify the profiles accordingly. Another company such as Tappy is a great choice, though is a subscription base.

Social Proof

Reviews are important as it provides a justification for why its worth doing business with you. Even better, great reviews will help persuade people into becoming your customers if done properly! Reviews are social proof which consists of trust that you often find all great relationship. A Great review highlights the transformation of your customers and how the business helps its customers achieve their desired success. A great review talks about their problems, resolutions and results.

Personalise Emails and Text

Personalise Emails and Texts is a powerful way to build a relationship with your customers. It shows that you understand them and that you care and this will further lead into trusts. Everyone wants to be understood and acknowledged by. Emails such as MailChimp is a creative platform to help you build relationships with your customers. Text Message company such as ExpressText enables you to send phone text to your customers such as Happy Birthday, Discounts, Promotions and more!

Loss Aversion

A fascinating thing about emotion is loss aversion, where people will fear of losing $100 equivalent to gaining $100. We don't want to be rob of anything or lose anything we've owned. The fear of losing sometimes is harder to bear than the satisfaction of gaining something of equivalent value. This applies to economics, opportunities, non-monetary or even emotions itself!! such as losing your freedom?


Give your customer something and they will buy from you, Sounds familiar? Such as free download of software, free samples of perfumes, or even a taste of food people hand out in the market? People have the urge of wanting to be fair. They gave you something and you give them back, we're even! We all responsive of wanting to be fair, this is why reciprocation is so powerful. Nobody wants to do business or building a relationship with a person who knows only to take and take. We all want something in returns once you give something out.


Likeable can link directly base on looks or even personality. A business will try to build a brand and entity that makes customer like them. By using tools mentioned above within a collective of tactics to make it possible. Such as collaborating with other brand or personals or placing the product within a certain event or movies will do. Just like a brand, it needs time!


We don't want change, especially when it demands us with a lot of thinking power and physical energy to adapt, and not to mention time! Commitment also links to fear of change. Apple has made it very crucial in employing this tactic to their advantage. Have you heard apple ecosystem? Apple release a bottom end iPhone to start getting people hooked into their ecosystem. Their business model has shifted from hardware to software subscription bases such as Apple Music, Apple TV and iCloud. Why would you leave apple when their interface is easy to use and all your photos stored in their iCloud? Not to mention all your purchase in their Itune, Apple Music and Apple TV! To switch means you have to abandon all of your previous purchase, adapt to new habits on navigating around the device and sacrifice one feature you love to another you might love.


Copywriting and advertisement should be detailing the customer's Frustrations (internal problems) and appeal to the pyramid of needs (such as Sex, Security, sense of connection, desires). Emotions are the unconscious decision-maker in a human mind. Logic, on the other hand, is their consciousness which accounts only about 5% of the brain's capacity. It's not unethical to target the consumer's unconscious mind if it benefits their lives. A business should act as a guide in helping customers solve their problem. YOUR BUSINESS should be the reason why the world is a better place.

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