Marketing Tactics – The most frustrating thing about marketing

You've done your research on the problems your product solves. You've identified your target market, and you're confident that your product will make your customer's life better.

The problem is, can your customer see the value in your product as you are?

If no, how do you communicate with them?

Marketing is two-way communication between your business and your customer. The easiest part out of the two is you listening to your market to identify their wants/ needs. And the hardest part is to convince your customers to buy from you.

All this can be accomplished by using a series or set of marketing tactics that is to implement simultaneously or one after the other to achieve your objective.

Marketing tactics, what is it?


A Marketing tactic is a series or set of activities in which strategically implement to accomplish the objective of a strategy. And a marketing combination is a collective of different marketing tactics that works together.

Choose your marketing tactics.

There is no one size fits all in choosing your marketing combination. Your business will have a different amount of resources compare to your competitors. It's easy to look at your competitors or look into other companies with the same size and replicate their tactics. But by doing this, if it works, you'll never know how and why it works. It's critical to understand how and why to replicate its success.

So how do you choose your marketing tactics? As simple as it sounds, it comes down to your resources and the stage your business is in. To achieve the same objective as other businesses, if your competitors spend big on specific tactics and you replicate theirs, you'll most likely going to lose money or fall short for not spending enough resources. Your competitor's motivation to choose such tactics might justify to other the tactics they have in place. And your assumption on their motivation might be misleading. That is why you need to look into your business and analyse the resources and the stage of your business to reflect on what strategy and tactics you should employ.


Resources influence the decision of the system the business has in place. Every business, regardless of whether they are from the same industry or not, will have a different system in place. Why? Because each business has its unique skills in solving the same problem, different size of bank account, assets and resources. By looking into the resources, you'll able to make a better decision in choosing specific tactics that'll work and compatible with your business.

Your business stage, where are you at?

New business

Other than resources, your marketing tactics will depend on your business and industry.

For a new business, it'll take time to build a pool of prospect and convert them into a customer. Trust is the major success of any transaction, and trust means that your customer understands that you or your product will deliver as promised (Advertised). Your motive in choosing your marketing tactics will be based on your priority and capabilities. You would want to keep your marketing combination as simple and as few as possible because having too many will drain your resources to the breaking point.

Established business

If your business is already established and already have a consistent flow of paying customers, it's time for you to simplify your marketing tactics to make it more adaptable and controllable. You will want your marketing tactics to be versatile and proactive for any opportunity and threats.

There're so many things that can go wrong, especially when the business starts to expand. It's critical for the business to map out their consumer touchpoints and identify the vital areas. By knowing your customer touchpoint, you'll able to control your communications and simplify your marketing combination while still preserve or improve its results. It also makes your business more responsive to strengthening any weak points before the consequences become your business major problem.

Other thoughts?

You can have superior product and services compare to your competitors. But if your competitors can communicate effectively to the customers, then the businesses will go to them. Marketing tactics is the nuts and bolts of your communication strategy. Choosing the most suitable marketing tactics for your business is critical in the success of your business in the long run. So, take your time to analyse your business and industry for careful consideration of your marketing tactics.


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