Objective For Restaurants To Overcome: COIVID-19


Covid-19 drive fears into the soul of every single one of your customers. Your main objective in the current time is to position yourself as a safe choice. It's time for restaurants to utilize its social media and google panel to the fullest. Demonstrate to your customers that you take extra measure to ensure the facilities, equipment's and food are clean and safe.

Recession/ depression

When customers are facing a difficult time, they begin to settle in their frugal state. Saving every dime, they get their hands on and cut out on luxuries or unnecessary expenditure. BUT, and that's a big "BUT", can people live without a delicious dish or at least once a while?

Ordering or eat out is a typical expense that Australians willing to splash on. Worst case scenario for restaurants; their customer's choice will become pickier when they can only spend on a dish once or twice a week. Restaurants that present their dishes in the best light will win them over.

As a local restaurant, you'll most likely have a repeat customer. They shop from you because of convenient. Local customers are known for convenient instead of price or quality and if you can display your quality for an affordable price (Which is essential in recession/ depression), and in the heart of convenient, you'll able to win them over.

Mind your competitions, when the market squeezed, the number of customers who's willing to buy will begin to decline. The business that stood out the most by shaping a deal in a certain way will survive and strive within this hard time.

Customers retention

Also, to make your customer's choice easier, its best to get your customers in a subscription where your menu delivered to them at a discounted price over a period of time. You'll able to save your customer's money while allowing them to enjoy your meals. Subscription is like a security for your restaurant to have a stabilize income; this is when you need to concentrate on your Customer's LTV (Life-Time Value).

Also, please don't overlook your current and loyal customers. Your loyal customers will most likely refer your restaurant to their circle of influences. You also need to ensure your quality of food and service is above and beyond it keep every single one of your customers coming back. Price should not be the prime motivation for purchase, but in a recession, it's a must to make your restaurants an affordable choice. Please provide them with an incentive or a reason why they should come back again or tell their friend that your restaurant is a must-try place.


Attitude shapes how you view your business and journey alongside your business. A positive attitude is more contagious than the virus itself! Spread the positive attitude, and your staff will follow, and before you know, so as your customers. Customers want to avoid an unpleasant encounter, and the goal is to make your restaurant a pleasant environment to dine in. You customer will not argue with you once you provide terrible service and in response, they will not be coming back. You must observe your customers to ensure that they are satisfied while in your hospitability.


The best channel in the time being is social media and google business panel. Utilize to its fullest to convey your messages. You can spend money on ads to reach more audience or develop a strategy to drive the cost down or even keep expenditure at zero! and that if you know what you're doing.

Delivery companies such as Uber eats, Deliveroo, Menulog is also a great way to substitute dining to dining in.

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